What is Tennis Dance, who's behind it, and why?

Combination of tennis classes and dance/workout classes!

My name is Brandon and I have been teaching tennis for 25+ years. My mom, Janice Blankenbaker, has taught dance/workout classes and my dad, Bill Blankenbaker has taught tennis for a over 40+ years.

What a perfect combination of both my mom and dads teaching skills!

I, Brandon Blankenbaker, have loved teaching tennis since the first lesson my dad taught me how to teach. My reach was only so far. I had to be on the court with you to give an INSTANT impact from my teaching techniques. I've done some videos here and there but the impact isn't instant so I lost interest. I went to visit my parents and my mom was doing a workout class online in front of her tv and that was it. The idea was born!

Just as my mom would follow along a body pump class, she could also follow along a class of me doing tennis moves on the tv. Being a tennis pro for the past 25 years, I understand how important muscle memory is. The videos I have prepared have been tested by other players and will not only get you a great workout but also teach you tennis skills, techniques, and help ingrain some muscle memory to your game!

With my mom and dad!

Will this work?

I say yes for anyone that wants to give it a try! A lot of tennis enthusiast love tennis for the workout but they only get to play once or twice a week. Now they can "play" or "dance" getting the proper muscle memory every day in front of the TV!

Also, think about all the different group workout routines you see at the gym or online. The main purpose is to get you moving!

Now you can move and learn the amazing sport of TENNIS along the way!

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