Muscle Memory Tennis

EXERCISE and LEARN TENNIS, in your Home!!!

Why Muscle Memory Tennis?

#1 - Moving your body is great for your physical and mental health! 

#2 - To improve as a tennis player it takes Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

In just 10 minutes in your home you will do more forehand and backhand swings than you would do in 1 hour of playing doubles with your friends! 

Just think how much more fun you would have playing tennis if you didn't have to think about what you were doing! If only you had the Muscle Memory of all the strokes! 

Follow me along in a series of "Dances" where we repeat the same strokes!

The videos below have been tested by other players and will not only get you a great workout but also teach you tennis skills, techniques, and help ingrain some muscle memory to your game!

10 minute + workouts!

Forehand & Backhand

Try any of these quick workouts below!

Forehand "Dance"

Backhand "Dance"

Volley "Dance"

Serve "Dance"

6 Ball Drill "Dance"

Ready to get on the tennis court but don't have anyone to play with?

Get a hopper of balls and a racket and head out to the tennis court

This video will show you what to practice and how to practice it!

Find a Wall!

This video will show you how to begin hitting on a wall with the "block" and the follow-through of the forehand and backhand.


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